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The following services are offered to empower you to become the best you.
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Mindfulness  Mentoring

Mindfulness  Mentoring Consistent, personalized guidance to help you experience deep transformation through meditation, self-exploration, spiritual development, and realization of your heart’s aspirations. The focus is on creating a caring, safe, non-judgmental space for your personal growth, rather than achieving a specific result or behavior change.

Lotus flower, meditation

Energy and Light Touch Healing Modalities

Jin Shin Jyutsu  A time honored, non-invasive Japanese healing practice using gentle touch to harmonize the energy pathways in your body for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.  Relax and enjoy!  An extra benefit is learning self-care you can use at home or work.

Medical Qi Gong  A 5000-year-old classical Chinese energy medicine modality to identify the root causes of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalance using off-the-body techniques to harmonize your body’s meridians (aka energy pathways).  These techniques are non-invasive and have been effectively used even before acupuncture. No needles and no fuss!

Somatic Energy Medicine  A unique healing method based on integrating my many years of experience in the eastern healing wisdom traditions with my knowledge of evidence-based science.  It consists of 7 pillars of practice: (1) Reflection; (2) Mindfulness; (3) Movement; (4) Breath; (5) Sound; (6) Gentle Touch; and (7) Food as Medicine.

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Holistic Health
and Life Coaching

Holistic Health and Life Coaching – A collaborative partnership with you to successfully change what’s not working well for you, develop goals, and achieve measurable, long-term results to actualize the best you in any area of your life – nutrition, exercise, stress management, relationships, career, lifestyle, and overall health and wellbeing.  Since mind and body are not separate, this is combined with helping you remove obstacles to your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing through natural healing and evidence-based science. 


Classes & Workshops

Classes are available for meditation, movement, self-care jin shin jyutsu, and much more!  Workshops and sessions are tailored to the group’s needs

*Services offered are not psychotherapy, nor do they diagnose or treat any physical, mental, or emotional condition.  No guarantees are made as to the outcome of services, including but not limited to improving, curing or ameliorating any condition or symptom.  It is advised that you seek the advice of your licensed healthcare professional to diagnose and/or treat any medical condition, as well as the safety of any of our services based on your specific circumstances

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