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Engaging Talks And Powerful Takeaways

If Yes, Book Susan for your next speaking engagement. She has the unique ability to take complex or challenging concepts and make them easily understandable, accessible, and fun for all.
Are you looking for a speaker to tailor the presentation to your specific needs?
Do you want your  participants to be actively engaged rather than just sit through a lecture?
Do you want "take aways" that are practical and useful for your attendees?

 Susan Lieberman, Pathways to Mind Body Wellness


Susan speaks about mindfulness, meditation, integrating east/west healing, maximizing your human potential, healthy lifestyle choices and habits, self-care, movement, the energetic healing arts, and more. Some of the topics include:

  • Building Boundaries and Taming Time

  • Mindfulness Meditation -  Creating Calm from Chaos in Turbulent Times

  • Trauma Informed Mindfulness

  • Somatic Energy Medicine – Harnessing Your Own Healing Power for Health, Happiness, and Wellbeing

  • Touch for Health – Self-Care through Light Touch Acupressure

  • Let’s Move! – Mindful Movement in Action

  • Being Your Best You – Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

  • Being Your Best You – Loving Yourself into Happiness and Abundance

  • A New Paradigm for Health and Wellbeing – Integrating Eastern Healing Wisdom Traditions with Evidence Based Science

  • Integrating East and West: Human Energy Anatomy and Physiology

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Michele Granberg Show

Podcast Appearances

Close Up Radio and TV - An interview with Susan Lieberman and Jim Masters

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Do you ever have doubts about trusting yourself? Have you ever had a gut feeling but didn't go with it and then regretted it? Do you think the heart has steered you wrong? Do you want to open your heart to more fulfilling and satisfying relationships? I had the opportunity to talk about tapping into our inner wisdom and intuition through time honored techniques backed by evidence-based science with the wonderful Paula C Lamb on her Know Me Know You Podcast.  Paula brings us topics to open our minds and hearts for health, wellness, happiness, and joy in our lives. 

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Would you like to know how to practically open your heart and tap into your inner wisdom? Would you like to meditate but have a difficult time sitting to do it? Then play this short guided meditation to relax and trust your intuition. You can listen in the morning to set up your day, the evening or before bed to relax, or anytime during your day. for inspiration. This meditation is part of my interview with Paula C Lamb, whose podcasts are dedicated to improving our lives.

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Understanding the immense stress and overwhelming demands faced by goal-driven professional women, Susan empathizes deeply with the challenges of multitasking and the pressure to meet everyone's expectations. Her own experience is a testament to these struggles. She recalls periods of intense fatigue, where she felt too drained to move after a day's work. Susan's life was a constant rush, leaving her no time to reflect on the emotional and physical toll of juggling work and family life.

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Some of Susan's Speaking Engagements

Medical Qi Gong with Susan Lieberman

Medical Qi Gong​

Atlantic Health System, Chambers Center for Wellbeing, NJ

Natural Healing Practical Tips with Susan Lieberman

Natural Healing,
Practical Tips for Practice

Georgian Court University, NJ

The object of the stones on the beach at sunset. Zen concept. Sunset. Silhouette of stones against the sunset sky

Mindfulness Meditation and Movement

Edna Mahon Women's Correctional Facility, Annual Soul Conference, NJ

A black woman being healed using Reiki technique

What Every Reiki Practitioner Should Know

Reiki Today Conference, NJ

Library, shelves with books, law

Ethics and the Law for Healing Practitioners

Mid Atlantic Reiki Conference, MD

Hand preassure points, touch for health

Touch for Health
& Let's Move!

Rotary Club, NJ

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