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Over-Stressed, Over-Tired,


I help busy, goal-driven professional women who are struggling with work and personal life demands feel energized and reclaim their time, health, and joy.

Susan Lieberman, Holistic Life Coach, Nurse

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Work with me 

And learn how to:

Our Services

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Are you on a treadmill going
faster without a pause button?

Do you seem to have it all but you’re struggling with overwhelm, exhaustion, and lack of joy?

You never imagined you would be in this place.

You thought you could have a successful career, family time, “me” time, healthy relationships, and still make a difference in the world while leading a life filled with joy.

Even though you’re smart and capable, you judge yourself for not being able to do it all to your satisfaction. Perhaps your relationships, work, or physical health are starting to suffer, and you want to change something before total burn out sets in.

You’ve tried exercise, time management, and therapy. It seems to help for a while, but then you’re back on the treadmill without stopping again. So, what do you do for lasting results?



You just need to learn the “secret how-tos” every successful woman would love to know. Experience being at the top of your game with work-life balance, health, and joy.

You can take care of yourself as a priority, feel energized, AND still have time for:

  • the career you always wanted and healthy relationships,

  • exercise, sound sleep, healthy eating, and feeling your best,

  • spiritual growth, travel, and whatever nurtures and gives you joy.


Are You ready to Breakthrough to Your Best You ?

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I understand and "have your back" because I've been there and done that.

I remember feeling guilty, overwhelmed, and emotionally and physically drained from the pressures of work and family life. Eventually, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and anxiety.

That’s when I decided to do something different:

  • I found a coach to keep me accountable, prioritize my own self-care, let go of beliefs that kept me stuck, and guide me back to health.

  •  As a nurse, I learned integrative health practices to accelerate the breakthrough to the best version of me.

And it worked! If this sounds all too familiar, and you’re ready for a breakthrough in your health, I’ve done the hard work and can give you the “secret how-tos” for lasting change:

  • Feel energized, balanced, happy, healthy, and joyful.

  • I integrate the best of the eastern healing wisdom traditions with evidence-based
    science for a holistic approach to your physical, mental, emotio
    nal, and spiritual
    wellbeing to help you reclaim your energy, time, health and well-being.


How I Can Help:
We will work together to achieve your goals in the
“Breakthrough to Your Best You” Coaching Program. You’ll get a personalized experience tailored specifically to your needs.

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3 Simple Steps to Get Started

1. Schedule a Time

Let’s talk about your challenges, the changes you’d like to make, and how I can best support you.

2. Work with Me

Experience life balance without the guilt and shame, and restore your energy, time, physical health, and emotional wellbeing.

3. Enjoy Your Life Again

Live the life you always wanted and love!

What Others Say

“Susan is completely present, caring, and compassionate during my sessions with her. She listens to me and gets exactly what I’m saying.  She then guides me to my own inner wisdom rather than trying to “fix” me or tell me what I “should” do.  Her guidance has helped me make practical changes in my life in many ways.  We worked on my fears, habits and blocks to getting what I want.  I feel so much healthier and happier.  Even my friends and family have commented about how I’ve changed.”

- JT, Client

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