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6 Habits to Embrace Your Money Abundance Mindset

What’s your relationship to money? Be honest about it. Is there never enough? Are you afraid about the future? Is money too scary to think about? Is it fraught with lots of struggle? Do you feel you don’t deserve to have what you want and/or spend it? Are you afraid to ask for and get what you’re worth? Do you believe money is evil? Or perhaps, like some in the healing and helping professions, you feel it isn’t spiritual or ethical to have money abundance.

The truth is that money is just energy currency. It’s neither good nor bad, but our own energy surrounding money affects whether it has a positive or negative charge. Sometimes when we speak about abundance, we omit money abundance. But this doesn’t allow us to embrace the full spectrum of abundance. If we choose, money can be loving by supporting us in our self-care, as well as in spreading an abundance of kindness and care to others. So, how do we change and heal our relationship to money?

Money Beliefs

Before we can heal our energetic relationship to money, we need to recognize our beliefs about it. What would it be like if we weren’t controlled by our negative or fearful money beliefs? Imagine that wealth and money abundance could flow from our intentions into our actions without the struggle and fear. But that’s not how most of us operate.

Our money fears have been subconsciously programmed into us from early childhood and inherited through intergenerational beliefs. The majority of us didn’t grow up in the “top 1%.” Did we see our parents or caregivers struggle to make ends meet? Were we imprinted with the belief that trading time for money is the only way to earn a living? Were we taught to compare ourselves to others as a measure of our success? Were we told to forget our passions because it wouldn’t support us? Or perhaps we were implicitly or explicitly informed we weren’t smart/capable/worthy enough.

Scarcity vs Abundance Mindset

These beliefs contribute to either an energetic scarcity or abundance money mindset, along with the emotions that accompany them. Emotions are “energy in motion.” Check in with your emotions because they are messengers to let you know if you’re in scarcity or abundance mode. Fear, anxiety, worry, shame, and guilt are scarcity emotions. Happiness, contentment, trust, joy, and confidence are abundant emotions.

Some signs of the scarcity mindset:

· “I’m not good with money.”

· “I’m not (good/smart/talented/deserving, etc.) enough to earn what I want.”

· “Others have money success, but I can’t.”

· “I don’t have enough money. That’s just a fact.”

· “I’m never going to have enough money to take me through old age.”

· “There’s not enough money to go around, so I need to grab as much as I can get.”

Some signs of the abundance mindset:

· “I am worthy and deserve money abundance.”

· “I am confident that I can achieve my goals.”

· “I trust in my abilities and can do this.”

· “I surround myself with people who support me on my path toward money abundance.”

6 Money Abundance Mindset Habits

Only you can define what money abundance means to you. And let’s be real. It isn’t about making a wish that money will magically come to you. It’s about acting on what you truly believe and doing it consistently so that it becomes an energetically positive habit. Here are 6 habits to embrace money abundance:

  1. Practice Self-Love and Gratitude – Abundance starts with how you energetically think about yourself. When you believe you’re worthy and good enough just as you are, then you’re primed for abundance to flow to and from you. Appreciation for the abundance already in your life can help cultivate this. Perhaps keep a journal about the good you recognize daily. And celebrate your successes!

  2. Face Your Fears – Let’s get practical. Sit down and fully understand your financial situation. What are your income streams and your expenses? Are there things you can add and/or eliminate? How much do you really need?

  3. Identify Your True Aspirations – What is it you truly want out of life? When you know the answer to this question, you will have a guidepost for money abundance built on the joy of the journey. And I don’t mean buying a bigger house or car. One example of a true aspiration is the desire for financial freedom to travel throughout the world and fulfill your life’s purpose.

  4. Replace Old Beliefs – Make 3 columns on paper. In the first, write down your current money beliefs, why it’s “BS” in the second, and what you now choose to believe in the third. Create positive affirmations to rewire your brain, such as “I deserve money abundance.”

  5. Practice Generosity – It may be counter-intuitive, but if you give some money when you get it, more money flows to you. Give money to those in need.

  6. Energetically Balance Your BodySince money is energy currency, unblock anything stuck in your energy body that contributes to a scarcity mindset. One way is by learning to balance the body’s chakras (e.g., energy wheels/centers within the body). The root chakra fosters feelings of security rather than fear; sacral chakra allows creativity and joy around money; solar plexus chakra provides confidence and power in action; heart chakra channels generosity in giving and receiving; throat chakra actualizes a sense of trust in yourself and your abilities; third eye chakra facilitates the deep knowing of being and having “enough;” and the crown chakra fills you with complete abundance.

If you would like a free guide on how to energetically change your beliefs and balance your chakras for money abundance, please email me at You can also schedule a complimentary clarity call with me to find out more about embracing money abundance in your life.


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